Coaching and Consulting Services

Coaching provides greater self-awareness, which is a key business advantage for leaders. Self-aware leaders have higher emotional intelligence, greater clarity on their strengths and weaknesses, and stronger capacity to equip others and build healthy cultures that generate results.

Blind spots and untapped potential create frustration and inhibit results. What might you be capable of when you’re at your best? Grow your productivity, communication skills, and confidence through executive coaching with Jonathan. You’ll experience coaching conversations that provoke insight and clarity and lead to better decision making and more effective action.

Contact Jonathan today for a free consultation to discuss your professional goals. Coaching is confidential and focused on your success. Jonathan’s coach approach is personalized to you and may include professional assessments that analyze your workplace profile and strengths. He draws upon the GROW Model, Reflective Inquiry, and the Working Genius model – and he believes strongly in your capacity for transformational growth.

Executive Coaching Packages vary in length based upon goals and length of time needed to accomplish them. Sessions are typically 2x per month conducted via Zoom or similar video software. Pricing varies by package. Nonprofit rates also available.

Leadership Coaching Package

Designed for leaders eager to take their leadership capabilities to the next level.

  • Discover and leverage your greatest strengths, enhance your communication skills, learn to inspire others towards a shared vision, and build your confidence as a leader.
  • The Leadership Coaching Package includes a Working Genius assessment/debrief incorporated into 12 or 24 one-hour coaching sessions focused on helping you achieve your specific leadership goals. 

High Performance Pattern (HPP) Package

Designed for leaders who value consistent, outstanding performance and wish to tap into their “flow state” more easily.

  • Discover your High Performance Pattern (HPP) and participate in a powerful, in-depth narrative assessment that will uncover the specific patterns and actions by which you can consistently achieve your personal best.
  • The customized High Performance Pattern Package includes one 30-minute preparation call and two 90-minute narrative sessions by phone, and three 1-hour coaching sessions based on your unique High Performance Pattern. Your customized High Performance Pattern assessment will be completed within 2 – 3 weeks.

Flywheel Business Advantage

Designed for leaders who value knowing the WHY behind their success and WHAT to focus on to build momentum.

  • Discover how to build compound momentum for your business by discovering core elements of your business success, how each element relates to the others, and how to hit a 10/10 on each element.
  • Identifying your flywheel success formula involves 3-5 sessions with you and/or your team.

Creative Consulting

Jonathan consults on matters relating to design and delivery of training programs, establishing internal training programs, and other special projects. Jonathan is selective regarding projects he takes on. Expect innovative and creative results.